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Mahamatras– Brought to you by The Viyug

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought revolutionary vision in technological usage for many think tanks and strategic research groups. Pre-COVID era these research groups could gather in a rented or owned seminar/conference halls where they would discuss world happenings and formulate a strategy to tackle the issues. But this particular procedure would cost hefty amount to the organizers, and thus only a few selected people could gain access to those meetings. Things changed when COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. The internet has brought a dynamic change atleast in context of think tanks and strategic research groups. The meetings were hired through virtual modes. Thus reducing the cost by upto 90% and these meetings were opened to the general public.

Now the problem that arises is most of the general public do not know this information. Secondly most of these conferences and seminars have complex procedure in registering. People have difficulties in identifying and finding the right webinars and conferences for them. Thus we at The Viyug (team) have introduced Mahamatras program (Translation- war room) to provide a unique solution (a bridge) to fill the gap and thus enabling you to participate in strategic formulation meetings/conferences with world renowned policy experts and strategic thinkers.

Each month we index nearly 500+ webinars ranging from politics, security & defence, global economy, worldview etc across regions like South Asia, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. All these webinars and conferences can be attended by all age groups including such as students, young professionals, policy experts, strategic thinkers, enthusiasts, and general audience.

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We identify your goal, taste and preferences & giving the best pick for you, all @ just INR 100. Swipe down to look at some upcoming webinars that are most in demand. Use the contact form below to get information regarding webinars, conferences of your choice. The payment and details of your chosen webinars etc will be initiated through emails. (Please have a look at Disclaimer at the end of this page)

Trending Webinars/Conferences


Organiser: Foreign Policy
April 27 & 28 @ 9:00 AM-12:30 PM EDT

Foreign Affairs Open House: Virtual Graduate School Fair – Spring 2021

Best for UG students interested in Strategic Thought
Organiser: Foreign Affairs
$April 21, 2021 @ 11:00 EST

ORF Roundtable | LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS: Themes, Stakes, and Consequences

Election Analysis of India
Organiser: ORF
April 7, 2021 @ 11:00 IST

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Please note that we serve as a third party portal. We do not organize, endorse or support any of the listed webinars/seminars/conferences listed anywhere at our portal. While most the listed things are free to register, we charge a nominal booking fee while registering it through our portal. We regret that we are unable to refund the registration fees if your booked webinar get’s cancelled or postponed to other dates or you did not attend it, as these things are out of our boundaries. However, in-case if fault (that is you didn’t receive the link for webinar before due time) is from our side we will initiate the refund.