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Our wide expertise of team conduct deep research using wide varieties of resources to produce top-notch articles.

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We monitor the world happenings and regularly update it through either in from of newsletter or issue brief.

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The Viyug analysis division brings newsletters and briefings which are designed through top-notch expertise.

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In today’s scenario plenty of research works are published which is focused for the Elite Class of people . Many of it are so complicated in nature. We provide you;

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  • Sustainable and Understandable by common Man
  • Threat Intelligence (Customized quotes and briefings)
  • Custom-Tailored articles (not like the one you read in newspapers)

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This Week Editor’s Pick

  • Artificial Intelligence Revolutionising the Shipping in Numerous Ways
    By Amit Kumar Change is the constant partner of a civilization. When a sector like shipping has the responsibility of maintaining a global supply chain on its shoulders, changes are inevitably induced. But when we talk of shipping as a sector evaluating modern techniques, we can say that […]
  • Core Interests: Tracing the roots of China’s assertive Foreign Policy
    By Prashant Sahu The concept of “Core Interests” (hexin liyi 核心 利益) has become an indispensable component of contemporary Chinese foreign policy. This concept is frequently invoked in official and scholarly discussions and is present in many policy pronouncements (Zhou 2019). Although this concept was present in Hu […]
  • Amateur Superpower of World Politics
    By Subhash Bhambhu The US presidency proposed September 11 as the withdrawal deadline for the US and NATO forces to leave Afghan soil. The date is carefully chosen in remembrance of the 9/11 attack. In an interview with Yahoo News, former White House adviser Richard Clarke indicated that […]