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Countering China in Latin America and Africa on Trade; a United States Foreign Policy Perspective


About this particular issue

This Issue Brief #3 aims to provide a pragmatic policy approach to countering China’s influence on trade and investment in the west. It also examines how the United States should address China’s ever growing threat to regional rights, freedom, trade, security and democracy.

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Letter from the Founder’s Desk- The Viyug

A brief letter from founder has been enclosed along with this issue.

Date Written: October 30, 2020

Publisher: The Viyug

Format: Magazine

Issue: April 2021

Editor: Anirudh Ramakrishna Phadke

Authors: Johnny Davis, Romaine Miller, Liam Flanagan

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The views & opinions expressed in the issue brief are those of the authors

Author’s Profile

Johnny Davis: The writer is a Constitutional and International Law Attorney, Professor at the Liberty University Helms School of Government, and an Army National Guard; Judge Advocate General (JAG). He practices International and Constitutional Law in the Washington DC area. He has an LLM International Law from Liberty Law School, an MDIV in Church History from Liberty University Seminary, a JD from Cumberland, and a BS in Government from Liberty University. Instructor Davis is also a writer for the Falkirk Center at Liberty University.

Romaine Miller: The writer is a second year law and international business major at the University of Law. Upon concluding his studies he intends to pursue an Advance Juris Doctor and begin practicing intellectual property, patent and cyber law.

Liam Flanagan: The writer is a current Masters student, studying International Relations. His interests within the field are Political Risk, International trade and Geopolitics.

An electronic copy of the author’s version is available at SSRN.

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