China Watch

India-China Ladakh Standoff: The Diversion Power-Play between the Dragon and the Elephant

The Viyug’s first Issue Brief
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Our first Issue Brief has been published in Amazon Kindle Store. Deep analysis on the recent India-China Ladakh Standoff has been conducted including the Galwan Valley faceoff.

The analysis is consolidated into the form of booklet and has been published by the author. If you hold Kindle unlimited membership then you are free to read. If you are not having it then no worries. You can download the free sample before buying it. The booklet has started receiving quite a good amount of reviews and views. So rush up to Kindle and keep yourself updated. You can also sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss out any offers and future deals on our Issue Brief.

(Note: If you can’t access Kindle, then mail us to get a copy of it. Contact:

Until we release our next analysis you may try out our free editions below:

Core Interests: Tracing the roots of China’s assertive Foreign Policy

By Prashant Sahu The concept of “Core Interests” (hexin liyi 核心 利益) has become an indispensable component of contemporary Chinese foreign policy. This concept is frequently invoked in official and scholarly discussions and is present in many policy pronouncements (Zhou 2019). Although this concept was present in Hu […]

Amateur Superpower of World Politics

By Subhash Bhambhu The US presidency proposed September 11 as the withdrawal deadline for the US and NATO forces to leave Afghan soil. The date is carefully chosen in remembrance of the 9/11 attack. In an interview with Yahoo News, former White House adviser Richard Clarke indicated that […]

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