Analyzing India’s Integrated Battle Groups: By D.S. Murugan Yadav

The Game Changer in future Wars

(note: The following article is originally published in”The Shatrujeet” by the author).

Integrated battle groups (IBG) are a self-contained, agile, and brigade-sized group with manpower of 5,000 soldiers and headed by an officer at the rank of Major General. It is formed to reach and neutralize perceived threats and adversaries within a maximum span of 48 hours. The idea of IBGs finds its roots in the Cold start doctrine. The cold start doctrine envisages conversion of current field formations into a robust and pivot formation capable of initiating launch pads for strike formation.

The primary objective for the formation of integrated battle groups is to increase operational efficiency by minimizing the time taken for the force to reach the battle theater and to increase the mobilization of forces. And mainly it will reduce the need for logistical support.
The Integrated battle groups consist of various defense systems such as name, Infantry, Mechanized Infantry artillery, Engineers, Signal, UAV, Air Defense, Logistics, service, etc. They are created based on the 3T’s model i.e., Threat, Terrain, and Task. Every IBG changes according to their Geo-location, objective, and other operational requirements.

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The integrated battle groups are currently in the testing stage. It is tested at the Western border, by the 9 Corps of the Indian Army. This will help the army to analyze the actual status of Integrated battle groups in carrying out its regular tasks and help in fine-tuning themselves to that environment. The IBG’s are tailor-made for both offensive and defensive roles. They are capable of performing tough assignments such as cross-border attacks, tactical operations, counter-insurgency operations, Blitzkrieg operations, etc. IBGs are also capable of conducting independent military operations.

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The greatest advantage in replacing the current formation with this new formation is that at first it is a self-contained group i.e., it is capable of fulfilling its demand. Secondly, they can reach the action area within a span of 12 hours to 48 hours and counter the threat within a short period. Third, they are huge in numbers. Fourth, they require less logistical support and air support.

(note: The views are from the author’s point of view. It does not reflect our stand on it).

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Doing his graduation in Defense and Strategic Studies. His areas of interests are National Security, International Terrorism, International Relations, Cyber security, Artificial Intelligence, Indo-Pacific Region, Hoplology, Polemology and Military Intelligence. He is the founder of ‘The Shatrujeet’.

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