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In today’s scenario plenty of research works are published which is focused for the Elite Class of people . Many of it are so complicated in nature. We provide you;

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This Week Editor’s Pick

  • Climate Change and Energy
    By Mr. Babu LaL Meena Abstract “Climate change has happened because of human behavior, therefore it’s only natural it should be us ,human beings ,to address this issue. It may not be too late if we take decisive actions today .” – Ban Ki-Moon ,Secretary – General ,United […]
  • Uprising Local Militia and Intensity of Bloodshed in Afghanistan
    By Nadir Shah Katawazai Recently, several districts fell under Taliban control, and the intensity of war from both sides is increasing day by day. The government has changed their plan regarding war and has asked people to shoulder the Afghan forces. The Minister of Defence has urged people […]
  • Beijing Consensus: China’s developmental alternative to the third world?
    By Prashant Sahu Introduction The concept of “Beijing Consensus” (Beijing Gongshi 北京 共识) represents a set of ideas for economic development which tries to encapsulate the policies followed by China since 1978. In the wake of Global financial crisis (2008-09), this concept was promoted as an alternative development […]