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Our wide expertise of team conduct deep research using wide varieties of resources to produce top-notch articles.

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We monitor the world happenings and regularly update it through either in from of newsletter or issue brief.

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The Viyug analysis division brings newsletters and briefings which are designed through top-notch expertise.

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In today’s scenario plenty of research works are published which is focused for the Elite Class of people . Many of it are so complicated in nature. We provide you;

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  • Threat Intelligence (Customized quotes and briefings)
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This Week Editor’s Pick

  • A New Opportunity
    By Sauro Dasgupta As the government withdrew the three farm bills, it signified a greater shift in the Modi government’s public policy shift. It shows that the government can balance the interests of the country with the interests of the party. The Modi government got the farm bills […]
  • American Occupation: What worked, what didn’t
    By Aswathy Kooanmpilly Twenty years later, the US leaves its latest battlefield. Like its other post Second World War ventures, American involvement in Afghanistan has come to nought. Thus, it becomes important to put the event in context by looking into a brief history of American occupation to […]
  • China’s 2035 Vision and It’s Implications in East Asia and India
    By Anirudh Ramakrishna Phadke While still many parts of the world are accusing China for the COVID-19 pandemic, the dragon has started formulating its next conquest. In late October 2020, Beijing held its fifth plenary session which discussed the draft proposal for the 11th five-year plan & the […]